James Spornhauer

Attorney James Spornhauer

Certified Mediator

Phone: (478) 328-8316
Email: motv8edjames@hotmail.com

James G. Spornhauer is a certified General Civil Mediator with the Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution and entrepreneur. Mr. Spornhauer received his training from The New Decision Management and believes in the power of the parties in resolving conflicts. He is qualified to mediate cases involving employers/employees, landlord/tenants, business disputes, creditors/debtors, personal injury, wrongful death, contract disputes, and other types of cases.

Mr. Spornhauer is a long-time entrepreneur and has owned businesses ranging from restaurants to real estate. Mr. Spornhauer enjoys working people and has dedicated his life and career to developing, teaching, and facilitating the progress of individuals from all walks of life. Mr. Spornhauer has owned and operated businesses for over 40 years and has countless personal and professional experiences to draw upon when mediating cases between parties.

Mr. Spornhauer attended Southern State University, Northern Kentucky University, University of Cincinnati, and took businesses classes at Harvard School of Business. He has held multiple business positions, including President and CEO, Division President, and Director of Operations. He is currently President and CEO of a successful Georgia based corporation.

Mr. Spornhauer is a resident of Warner Robins and continues to operate multiple businesses throughout the State of Georgia.